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Mission Statement

Mount Vernon RBI is committed to providing inner city youth a sound and experienced organization that will assist coaches and players in developing skills that will make them successful athletes and productive citizens in our community.

Goal The goal of Mount Vernon RBI is to provide a positive and nurturing instructional learning environment that allows all participants the opportunity to further develop their baseball skills; along with focusing on the social skills that our youth are required to be efficient in to become productive citizens. All youth are taught the fundamental skills needed to have success playing baseball/softball in a competitive team atmosphere. Youth progress from the clinical stage; an instructional controlled competitive structured atmosphere into stage 2: emphasizes a more competitive stage by participating in team play and league games. We encourage youth to practice good sportsmanship, respect and teamwork. Mount Vernon RBI encourage parental involvement at all levels of our organization. Such as coaches team parents and scorekeepers. Lastly Mount Vernon RBI is designed to be a feeder system to our high school Baseball and Softball programs.

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